Fish and chips is one of the least adulterated prepared foods that we can eat; line caught fish, freshly prepared potatoes, some flour to batter and oil/beef dripping cooking medium and all fried with care and attention, skill and expertise to produce a tasty and nutritious meal. How many other takeaway foods can ever say that?

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806 Beverley High Road, Hull

01482 852186

Here at the Funky Fish we sell only the finest line caught Norwegian Haddock sourced from the deepest, coldest waters of the Barents Sea to ensure maximum flavour and sustainability.

All of our Haddock is skinned and boned and is freshly fried to your liking.

We also make our very own recipe of tartare sauce, available with all of our fish products at no extra cost. Enjoy...

Haddock (small) £4.90
Haddock (large) £5.70
Cod (small) £4.90
Cod (large) £5.70
Fish Dippers (small) £4.90
Fish Dippers (large) £5.70
Scampi (9 pieces) £4.50
Fish Pattie £3.20
Chips £2.40
Chips (small) £2.20
Cheesy Chips £2.80
Chips Buttie £2.70
Sage and Onion £1.50
Cheese and Onion £1.60
Pattie Buttie £2.00
Pattie Balls £2.10
Fish Pattie £3.20
Chicken Nuggets (large) £3.20
Chicken Nuggets (small) £1.70
Sausage (large) £2.50
Sausage (small) £1.70
Fritter £1.90
Mushy Peas (large) £2.20
Mushy Peas (small) £1.40
Beans (large) £2.20
Beans (small) £1.40
Curry (large) £2.20
Curry (small) £1.40
Gravy (large) £2.20
Gravy (small) £1.40
Burger £2.20
Cheese Burger £2.40
Chicken Burger £2.40

Served in a box with a drink, a lolly and a toy.

Pattie and Chips £4.00
Sausage and Chips £4.50
3 Fish Dippers and Chips £4.50
Chicken Nuggets and Chips £4.40

All served with either peas, curry, gravy or baked beans

Small Fish and Chips £7.70
Large Fish and Chips £8.70
Pattie and Chips £4.30
2 x Small Sausage and Chips £5.50
Fritter and Chips £4.50
Fish Pattie and Chips £5.70
Sauce Sachet £0.40
Chip Spice £1.70
Non Brewed Condiment £1.70
Cold Drinks (Bottles) £1.10
Cold Drinks (Cans) £1.10
Breadcakes £0.50
Pickled Onion £0.40
Pickled Egg £0.40
Pickled Gherkin £0.60
Carrier Bag £0.10
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Opening Times

Monday to Thursday - 11.30am to 2.00pm & 4.15pm to 9.00pm
Friday & Saturday 11.30am to 9.00pm
Sunday 'Gone Fishing'